My thoughts on art therapy

I love the concept of art therapy because I believe that there are so many ways that art can be used for mental health. Art is a great strategy for relaxation because you have to focus on the colours, lines, brush strokes, and texture of the paint. Painting also helps by steady your breathing because it is quite difficult to focus on painting and hyperventilating at the same time.

Another side of the benefits of art on mental health is that it allows your brain to be creative and express itself. If you are angry, you are able to create a harsh looking art piece that represents your emotions or you could create a relaxing art piece as an effort to relax yourself.

Through art, some people are able to express their emotions without harming themselves or other. It allows people to recognize what they are feeling, get it out safely, and accept it.

What are your thoughts on art therapy, have you ever used art therapy in a “professional setting” or “private setting”?